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1.  BA Psychology, Boston College

2.  JD Law, Mass. School of Law

3.  Over 30 years working with juvenile

and adult offenders

4.  Licensed to practice law in Mass. State and Federal Courts

5.  Licensed Real Estate Broker

6.  10th Degree Black Belt

7.  Over 40 years of martial arts experience


8.  Recognized for Most Successful School/Organization


9.  Taught thousands of students of all ages and walks of life


10.  Promoted over 500 Black Belt Ranks


11.  Created and implemented a full martial arts curriculum from white to Master level in six different locations


12.  Recognized by Many Martial Arts Organizations: Kenpo International Hall of Fame, World Martial Arts Federation, USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, IFOJJ Martial Arts University, World Bujutsu Federation, World Karate Union Hall of Fame, Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame

1.  Owned and Operated 6 Martial Arts Schools starting in 1995

2.  Acquired and Sold Martial Arts Businesses

3.  Dealt with issues involving licensing, royalties, and intellectual property rights

4.  Knowledge in Branding and Product Creation

5.  Organized and hosted numerous martial arts tournaments, seminars, banquets, and award ceremonies since 2001

6.  Implemented best practices and all business systems to increase student growth and retention and streamline operations

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