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* "I signed on with Soke Business solutions a few months before the start of the current pandemic.  Soke Paul started making significant improvements to my dojo right from the start.  He took the time to tailor his assistance to my personal goals rather than a cookie cutter approach.  I can unequivocally say
that when the pandemic hit it was Soke Paul’s insights and help that saved my school.  Adapting to the needs of modern students with online solutions is only one of the many useful tools we have implemented.  I say we since he has been with me during every step of the process to answer questions
and assist in the things that were beyond my scope.

Thanks to Soke Business Solutions my school has started to grow again."

Grandmaster Eric Frost
Griffin Style Kenpo Karate
Ethereal Arts Self Defense
36 years strong in the arts


* "I have been working with Soke Business Solutions now for two years to learn to build the custom business model that works for the School I own. They have helped me to dramatically increase my membership from 22 students to over 82 paying students. Not only has my student base grown, but the amounts that students spend: special events, extra activities, school branded products and more. I have been guided to complete tasks via step-by-step and a building process that has not been overwhelming but logical and pragmatic. They have a keen sense of the timing of when you need to undertake tasks and the time management skills needed to truly make an impact."


* "My Studio was stuck.  We'd had no significant growth for a few years.  Nothing I did to break out of the rut seemed to work.  I met with Soke Business Solutions and everything started to change. 

Flexible. Intuitive. Responsive. Caring.


From our first coaching session together, Soke Business Solutions has helped me clarify my goals and identify what I needed to do to move forward.  Soke Business Solutions is an invaluable source of advice, motivation, and guidance throughout the coaching process.  We've seen remarkable growth in just a few sessions.  Hiring Soke Business Solutions is the best decision I ever made for my school."

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